Vennai Kadaiyum Krishna

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Yashoda and Nanda were Krishna's foster parents. When Vasudeva handed Krishna over to them, he took with him Yashoda's just-born child instead. She was, however, no ordinary child. This baby girl, who was the incarnation of Yogmaya, flew out of Kansa's hands when he tried to destroy her! 

In Yashoda's household, Krishna grew up with utmost love and care, even though he was always stirring up some mischief or the other! In the childhood days of Lord Krishna, he became famous as Makhan Chor (butter thief) and an expert with the flute. Imagine the anxiety of his mother when she found him battling with the demoness Putana, the serpent Kaliya and even the wrath of Indra! Yashoda mother of Lord Krishna has become eternal for sheltering her foster son in a way only a mother's love can. 

Interesting as it is, there is a very important takeaway from the birth story of Lord Krishna: nothing can parallel a mother's love. Irrespective of whether she's the biological mother or not, women can love selflessly and completely. But they can also be disciplinarians if needed. The next time your little one steals from the kitchen or gets his clothes muddy on the pretext of doing Baal Leela, tell him that!

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