Muruga Valli Deivanai( Subramanya Valli )

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Vaḷḷi (Tamil: வள்ளி "Creeper, Sweet Potato Plant")[1] is a Hindu goddess and the divine consort of the prominent god Murugan.

Vaḷḷi is used to refer to many tribal or indigenous peoples' goddesses in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and by the Rodiya and Vedda peoples of Sri Lanka.

Vaḷḷi is also known as Pongi at Vallimalai and the pond from which she drew water to quench the thirst of Murugan is still there. This pond, though in an open ground, does not receive the rays of the sun. Vedda still inhabit Kataragama region and there are temples dedicated to the mountain god Murugan in this region of Sri Lanka.

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